Saturday, August 04, 2007

lost and found

During the past few weeks there has been a lot of loss and anniversary of loss in my life. Thinking about these losses has triggered thoughts about what might be found. When we lose a loved one, do we only find sadness, pain or a deep unexplainable space? Is it possible that we can search beyond this space to a new place of found things?

One thing we may find is a memory bank which we can visit. With people who are alive, we call up memories every once in a while, but not usually with any sort of intention. When a person dies, we tend to gather together a collection of memories that we can draw upon any time we need or want to connect with our loved one. I have always appreciated this gift very much.

Another thing we may find is a renewed sense of strength and compassion that we didn't know we had. These traits live inside of us and only have the opportunity to shine in times like these.

A third thing may be a new way to navigate the world. Whether we like it or not our world changes when a loved one dies. We therefore find new ways to deal with and approach the positive and negative situations that life presents us with.

What things have you found things in the midst of loss? Have you found strength you didn't know you had? When we have loss in our lives, we are drawn to focus on the loss itself. If it isn't too painful, take a few minutes to think of the things you may have found as well.