Monday, October 29, 2007

opening up

If we all said everything on our minds the world would be a pretty noisy place. Our thoughts are textured with emotions, judgments, beliefs and ideas. As social creatures we need to communicate with others. The questions is- which pieces do we choose to share and with whom?

Each day we encounter and speak with many different people. But our most intimate thoughts are saved for particular people- safe people. And even then, we still have to evaluate how our precious ideas and viewpoints will be heard, listened to and reflected upon. It can be difficult to open up to others and we all hold the fear of being hurt and rejected.

Do you have safe people to share with? If not, where can you find and nurture those relationships? What pieces of your self are you willing to open up about? What are the qualities you look for in a person with whom you are willing to share? Do you foster those traits within yourself?

As you ponder these questions, consider one more- is there someone I can share my answers with?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

too much time

As you may have noticed, I haven't blogged for some time- in my opinion, too much time. There have been a lot of changes and new things in my life and somehow I continue to convince myself that I am too busy to blog. When I have sat down to write, my good intentions have gotten swayed by daily distractions and to do lists.

It's funny that I've entitled this blog entry 'too much time,' when for the most part, I've felt like there just isn't enough of it. Where does it go? The days are good. But they still seem to go by and the filled pages of my calendar get flipped as if they were pages in a book instead of moments I've lived. I wonder about these pages, these words. Do I fill my life with too many appointments, obligations or even time with people I love? Lately, I have even been scheduling time to relax- what a bizarre concept!

Last weekend I went walking among the redwoods in Muir Woods. I saw a Blue Heron in the creek. He moved with grace and majesty. As he lifted each leg and placed it in the water, he created space and silence. This beautiful creature, in his very existence, has an understanding of time that we strive for through things like meditation and taking time to breathe.

Seeing the Blue Heron reminded me that there is a balance to be found between too much and too little time. No matter how busy our lives get, there is always room for stillness and rest. And now, I bid you to go find some and I will too.