Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I am the type of person who has a strong sense of intuition. This applies not only to interactions and daily situations, but to larger issues as well. For most of the big decisions in my life, I have felt large shifts inside when my intuition guides me to action. There have been times when I have followed my intuition and moments when I have disregarded it completely. When I have followed it, everything has seemed to fall into place and I have felt grounded and settled. When I have taken opposite action, negative outcomes have usually ensued.

Lately, though, I have been doing some soul searching. I have big questions that need answering. During this time, I cannot tell whether my intuition has no opinion, or whether I am not listening carefully enough. Is it possible that my intuition is just taking a back seat on this one? Just relaxing and letting things settle out on their own? More likely (my intuition just stirred-there must be something here) there are blocks preventing me from truly hearing my intuition’s voice right now.

How do I remove these obstacles? How do I take action to create the space needed to hear my old friend, intuition?

I just don't know right now. However, I think I will start with my first intuition- taking a deep breath…

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

bursting into joy

We often use the term “bursting into tears.” It is an experience most people can relate to. The other afternoon, I had an experience that I can only describe as “bursting into joy.” It was quite a moment, as you can imagine. I was changing the channel on my car radio and a live version of one of my favorite songs came on that I had never heard before. My body rushed with elation and I was smiling from ear to ear.

What a wonderful sensation. Have you ever burst into joy? If so, what gave you such a feeling? If not, can you imagine it? What does it smell like? Does it have a sound? Does it linger in your mouth?

Even if we don’t feel the power of these emotions on a daily basis, sometimes just knowing that they are below the surface is enough… and at any moment, we may just burst!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

loud laughter

Art courtesy of a dear friend

Anyone who knows me, knows that I adore laughing. Not just small, token laughs. Not just little teehees. I LOVE to laugh...loudly. I believe in laughing with your whole body, letting the laughter in as well as out.

Some people may think that really letting go is not their style or that the setting must be appropriate for them to throw their head back and let out a good chuckle. Loud laughter doesn't just come naturally, as most people want to believe.

Loud laughter is like an emotion- you have to "let" yourself feel it. There is a single point in laughter when you realize that you can release- and if you do- you may lose control or draw attention to yourself or... really FEEL. It is a choice. And only you can make it. I choose to make it over and over. I do feel vulnerable, but the delight is worth it. Before I know it, I hear my own voice echoing throughout the room and see others laughing beside me. It is a moment of pure joy.

I encourage you to go beyond laughter and laugh loudly. I promise- joy is waiting.

Friday, February 09, 2007

learning the grey

Change is most often a complicated process that spans an underestimated length of time. The reality is, change is messy. It is big mixture of goods, bads and mediocres. We cannot have change without feeling some sort of loss, even in the most positive of cases. We do change without noticing, but a significant piece of change lies in our self-awareness. This is the piece where we must learn the grey.

Lately, I have been making some big changes in my life. I have been getting to know the grey like a friend. When I look closely, I can see its multitude of colors, the purples, reds, blacks, browns, yellows, etc... The muddiness separates to reveal the possibilities this transition can bring and the places that I have been. It is a smattering of colors in every range.

How does one spend time learning the grey and sitting with it? Most of us shove it aside as quickly as it comes. We want things to go back to “normal” or get to the place we want something to “be.” It is the uncomfortable space in between that proves to be the richest. It is neither black nor white. It is all of the colors mixed together. It is the rawness of it all. It is the place where you get to learn who it is you want to be.

As you encounter change, may you embrace the grey and discover its many colors and textures. You may just find your own true self.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Every time I send a poem away for consideration in a publication, I enter into a vulnerable space- a place of submission. I submit my poetry, my words and my creations. But more than that, I submit a piece of myself to be judged by others.

Amongst the rejections, four publications have accepted my poetry! Two of them are currently on the web (I will let you know when the others are published). The publications are All Things Girl and The Hiss Quarterly. Click here and here to view the poems.

Lately, I have been noticing the anxiety created by waiting to hear back from the many publications that have my poetry. This space reminds me of moments within relationships when we share pieces of ourselves, in other words, submit, in order to reap the benefits of being seen and of knowing another person intimately. Submitting to this process has created loss in my life, but much brilliance as well.

By surrendering ourselves in this world, we choose to engage. We know that the place between submitting and being rejected or accepted can be uncomfortable. And yet, we continue to risk being vulnerable with the hopes of connecting. As we open ourselves to possibility in this world, let us remember the beauty that lies in submission.