Thursday, February 15, 2007

loud laughter

Art courtesy of a dear friend

Anyone who knows me, knows that I adore laughing. Not just small, token laughs. Not just little teehees. I LOVE to laugh...loudly. I believe in laughing with your whole body, letting the laughter in as well as out.

Some people may think that really letting go is not their style or that the setting must be appropriate for them to throw their head back and let out a good chuckle. Loud laughter doesn't just come naturally, as most people want to believe.

Loud laughter is like an emotion- you have to "let" yourself feel it. There is a single point in laughter when you realize that you can release- and if you do- you may lose control or draw attention to yourself or... really FEEL. It is a choice. And only you can make it. I choose to make it over and over. I do feel vulnerable, but the delight is worth it. Before I know it, I hear my own voice echoing throughout the room and see others laughing beside me. It is a moment of pure joy.

I encourage you to go beyond laughter and laugh loudly. I promise- joy is waiting.


Tug said...

I have a magnet on my fridge that says this...LOVE.IT. I have also been told people could hear my laugh a long ways away (it's kinda unique). GREAT post!!

Mina said...

Hooray for loud laughter. May you be blessed to always live your life out loud.

Anonymous said...

I have Parkinson's disease, and one of the best things that has happened to me since my diagnosis is the hilarious laughter I experience on occasion. Sometimes something a person says or does just sets me off into gales of laughter that refresh and rejuvenate my soul. I even have funny dreams once in a while and I wake myself up laughing out loud! Unfortunately, I often wake up my husband too. We lay there together laughing as I relate my funny dream!

megg said...

It's funny - lately I have realized that my laugh is getting louder!! In this quiet world of the UK, it seems to stand out sometimes and I get self conscious about it... but I'll think of you now & try to let it out!! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Great post. As a kid, I used to be self conscious about my laugh but only because other kids would tell me how loud I laugh. As an adult, I get more people that tell me they love my laugh than I would have ever imagined! Many people say they like it because it makes them laugh, and there's nothing wrong with spreading some joy! So to those who find it annoying and feel that it's us who should be quiet, loosen up and get over it, cause we're gonna keep laughing while you're scowling!!