Thursday, July 05, 2007

perfect timing

When I sit down to have a cup of tea, I always wait for the perfect window when the temperature is neither too hot nor too cool. If I drink hastily, I burn my tongue. If I wait too long, my tea is cold. So, how do I know when the timing is just right?

Is this how it is with life? Are there windows of opportunity that are only open for periods of time and if we don't grab them we miss out? One problem with this theory is that we may not know when the window is open. Another is that if we do not take advantage of an opportunity, we may end up living in a world of regret.

I think opportunities are about faith. Having faith that the right moments will arise when we are ready to enjoy them. I can think of life as missed opportunities or I can choose to see it as a series of perfect timings. If I view my life from this perspective, I am more able to accept not only where I am in life, but who I am as well.

How do you look at opportunities? Do you have regrets about not accepting those that have been offered to you? The wonderful thing about having faith in perfect timing, is that when it is perfect- it just is.

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