Monday, January 08, 2007

what sends you?

I saw The Holiday this weekend. It brought many smiles to my face. In the last scene, the cast dances to “You Send Me” sung by Aretha Franklin. I have been thinking about this idea of sending. defines “to send” as “to delight or excite”. I can see where this comes from. If something delights or excites you, it sends you to a different place, a place of elation and bliss.

Here is a little poem that will hopefully send you.

A butterfly sat down next to me
To whisper contemplations and joys
Days made of honey light
Spilling into morning sighs

It shifted its wings
To show colors of the night
Patterned images reflecting stars

Longing for rides on rivers
Gliding alongside tall trees
Visited by chipmunks and ants

Flights sailing over days of blue
Discovering newly formed caterpillars
Awaiting worlds of change


Shira said...

a poem on emergence.

Mina said...

What a wise butterfly to guide us.