Thursday, December 21, 2006

all tied up

I've been tied up for the last week or so. I guess those hard days got to me. But, I'm back and ready for my life as a blogger to continue.

The topic for today is buttons. I have been seeing lots of button projects on various blogs. I'm really excited about this idea of collecting them and creating crafty things with them (pictures to come!) The idea of buttons happens to fit in perfectly with the idea of being all tied up.

What happens when the thread that is holding our buttons starts to fray? How do we handle it when our thread is pulled too tight? What if our buttons don't match? Do we even want them to match?

Sometimes I want all of my buttons to be black or white and sometimes shades of blue and green seem to fit my mood. There are moments when big yellow buttons are exactly what I want to show and other days when I wish they were invisible all together. There are so many possibilities wtih colors, shapes and sizes.

I guess I like to just be aware of my buttons and know that I have the power to change them.

Okay, that's it for me. I'm all buttoned out :)


Anonymous said...

Maybe this is too personal.
What, if anything, presses your buttons?

Potato Print said...

Hi Erin,

You left a nice note on my blog. You have made me re-think my quote. YEs, we are whole, at least when we start out.

Good luck with your buttons.