Monday, December 04, 2006

encourage the unspoken

I just returned from a magical weekend away with my mom and my sister. We talked and talked and talked- mainly because I couldn’t stop :) When you spend extended time with someone, you have enough time to get past the catch-up. This weekend, I had the honor of hearing new and interesting ideas and beliefs- not only from my two lovelies, but from myself as well.

How do we get to this place with those we love, when we are so busy and only have time for weekly conversations or coffee when we can squeeze it in? We all have so many thoughts and opinions about the world around us. Even when we do spend time with people, we can get so trapped in our daily lives and problems, that we don’t allow ourselves the space to explore our thoughts about religion, spirituality, meaning, philosophy, or our passions. We may not even take the time to discuss our thoughts on the color orange, how many books we have on our shelves that have gone unread, the first thoughts in our minds when we first wake, or the meaning behind the pictures and quotes we surround ourselves with.

I hope to encourage these conversations that so often escape our attention. To push the boundaries we set up to function on a daily basis. I believe that we can catch up with joy and relish our exploration of what lies beyond.


ecm said...

lovely image, lovely thoughts...thanks for your visit to my blog

megg said...

It's funny - I feel like blogging helps with this! Any bloggers that I have met in person are able to be very close almost immediately - we can cut through the ordinary stuff because we know the other stuff already - you're right, it needs to be cultivated in 'regular' life!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing to have those experiences with people...through conversations, blogs and what ever other form of communication people can come up with. You have inspired me to attempt more of these interactions on a more regular basis, rather than waiting for the moments to find me.

Jamie said...

I agree with you so much. I think of it whenever my sister and I get to visit. There's this beautiful moment when things just normalize. When you remember what it's like when you lived together and everything is relaxed.

I'm so glad you had a wonderful visit with your wonderful women :)

And I love your art here too!