Thursday, December 28, 2006

water tapping

Here is my poem for Poetry Thursday:

Water Tapping

Water taps wanting to come in
To sit in the cozy warmth of my little cottage
Is it too much to dream of having a little cottage?
That my senses would be filled with licorice and light?
Oh, I wish I had a cottage surrounded by amber and wood
Rippling with secrets bound up in wordless moments
The cottage would be mine to play and whisper and shout
I would whee and whoop and hollar in my all-alone space
It would burst with time and notions and color
My cottage would rock me to sleep
Through brassy harmonies and smooth sighs
It would support my legs in the present
And retreat when necessary
I would not need a holiday from my lovely cottage
In no way need to vacate my magical space
Made of marshmallows and teardrops
The tea would brew and the coffee would steep
Among flowers and bright purples waiting
To embrace me like a fine rain


owlhaven said...

Fun poem..

Hi from a fellow blogging chick

Mary, mom to many

ecm said...

I really like the phrase water tapping. You've created such a peaceful space in this poem.

Rethabile said...

Nice. "Marshmallows and teardrops," the proverbial tears of a clown, sweet and sour, and very sad(ly gay).

Happy 2007

Regina Clare Jane said...

That was just lovely! Who wouldn't want to be in a place like this?

Anonymous said...

How much do they go for, sweetpea?
Sounds pretty good!
the snapster

megg said...

this was absolutely lovely!! I want it all too - so cozy and wonderful a dream!!
Happy new Year!!

Celia said...

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