Monday, November 06, 2006

live to the point

I am constantly inspired by this amazing book that a friend so kindly gave me last year. I definitely live to the point of tears. It's a scary place, but I don't really know any other. Today, I am going to write 3 poems. That is my goal. It may take me to a place of tears, but I am kind of hoping not. I had enough tears this weekend.

When we live to the point, do we have to know what that "point" is? I am not sure what that "point" is for me yet. At moments, I have glimpses of it- love, community, meaning, laughter, emotion, evolution, God, playing, saving, fixing, helping... Most of the time, I think that the "point" is the present. To be present. It can be as difficult to find yourself in the present as it is to find the point. My present is filled with beauty and blessings. I am constantly pushing myself to live within those and not in lands of worry and doubt and fear. I wish we all talked about the point a little bit more. Sometimes, I am not sure that people really want to find the point. There is much comfort in just living, without thinking.

Well, I am off to write and sit with my present. Deep breath. Here I go...

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