Tuesday, November 28, 2006

things you can't control

1. moods and madness

2. other people's thoughts and feelings

3. when the sun decides to come out and play

4. how your hair will curl on a certain day

5. the different ways the same cup of morning coffee will affect you

6. the multitude of annoying ads in your favorite magazine

7. your computer freezing and restarting before you have saved everything

8. how quickly a candle will burn

9. how long laughter or tears will last

10. crazy dreams in deep slumbers

11. random invitations from friends to be silly and delirious

12. the surprise when people accept you for exactly who you are

13. the absolute messiness of life


Jessie said...

thanks for stopping by, erin. i'm hereby tagging you to do the one word, no explanation meme. have fun! ;)

Jamie said...

This is so beautiful and insightful, Erin. I read it a few times because there's something really special in it. I think it's the uniqueness combined with the relateability. I think it's that it holds you in it. I'm not 100% sure, but I do know it keeps me coming back.