Friday, November 03, 2006

living light

Lately, I have been trying to live light- to feel light on my feet, to appreciate the light, to let it come inside, to see it in others, to know that it is behind the clouds even if I can't see it. This is my first time submitting an entry for Living light is harder than it seems. Especially now that the days are shorter and the night seems darker.

10 Ways I Create My Own Light:

1. Dance in my kitchen and twirl on my tippy toes
2. Think about sunny memories
3. Laugh loudly with friends
4. Stand up straight as if I have wings on my back
5. Sit quietly and be
6. Remember that there is much light to find in darkness
7. Be open to new people
8. Combining words into poems
9. Paint in yellows and oranges
10. Smile at strangers on the street

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